I scoff at moderation

Rode my bike to work in the rain because I’m stubborn.

I’m realizing that this whole “moderation” thing doesn’t work for me. I need to do things whole hog. (WTF? what kind of a saying is that, anyway? I do love me some bacon though!) Like, I can’t just let myself have a “little bit” of some forbidden food (we have M&M dispensers at work). Because “a little bit” “every so often” soon turns into “half a cup” “every day”. So I have to say I cannot have any at all. EVAR. Similar thing with working out. I do much better when I’m training for a marathon rather than just saying “I’ll run a couple times a week”. Cause I’ll come up with excuses “today is rainy. today is too hot. I’ll do it tomorrow” and then I never do.

Which is why I was damn stubborn and rode my bike in the rain the other day. I’ve been putting it off because of weather, and I just said screw it. We have showers and changing rooms at work (we have a gym in the basement) and it wasn’t raining that hard. My dad used to ride 11 miles (one way!) to work EVERY DAY even if it snowed! (as long as the roads were clear) And he did that till he was like 55! Also, while I have “god-given ass”, it’s not as perky as I would like. I know I’m never going to do those “brazilian butt” workouts to make it so, but cycling gets my glutes on fire.

So! After spending nearly $100 on panniers and a really good/bright taillight so cars can see me, I’m going to try to ride as much as possible. It’s good for my butt, good for the environment and my cardiologist says I need to get more cardio and CrossFit doesn’t count. :p Also, if I ride 30 days, I’ll have saved enough on gas to pay for aforementioned panniers and taillight. So this is good for my pocketbook as well.

TL;DR: Rode my bike to work in the rain cause I’m stubborn and it’s good for me.

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