Shoulder Woes


clavicle (Photo credit: msklibrary)

I’ve been having issues with my right shoulder for the past few years.  The real problem started half a life ago. I was visiting my uncle in San Francisco, and he took me mountain biking in Berkeley.  It had been raining, and rain running down dirt hills tends to form these ruts that were inconveniently for me just about the width of a bike tire.  My tire got caught, I fell over, broke my collar bone.  Of course, in our family we don’t go to the hospital unless you’re dead or dying, so we didn’t actually find out that it was broken till the next day.  At any rate, they gave me this weird harness/brace thing to wear, and I went on with the rest of my vacation.  I had to miss my senior year of track, but it was no big loss; I wasn’t actually any good anyway.  The bone healed, and I figured that was that.

Fast forward to a few years ago.  Just around the time when I started thinking about upgrading my life. I decide that I want to get strong, so I start doing the Hundred Push-ups program.  I was doing fairly well until week 4.  My shoulder started to really hurt when I did push-ups, and then it started hurting when I did other things as well.  So I stopped doing the push-ups.  The next year, I had started CrossFit.  I did a workout called the Dirty Dozen which involves a total of 144 push-ups.  Again with the shoulder flare-up.  I couldn’t do push-ups. Couldn’t do dips. I could feel a soreness in my shoulder when I simply tried putting on my pants.  This time, I ended up in physical therapy to try and get me back on track, but I was out of commission as it were for two months.

And now this year. I pushed it hard in the Open of the CrossFit Games. I have no chance at all to make it to Regionals, but the competition really motivates me to push harder than I normally do.  Between giving it my all and then some during the competition workouts. (Snatches, toes to bar, trying my damnedest to kip hard enough to get a chest to bar pull-up) as well as a few regular WoDs that were no fun (floor presses, bench presses, plyo push-ups) my shoulder is once again flaring up and making it impossible for me to do certain movements.

One might suggest that I just stop doing things that make my shoulder hurt. But that requires giving up on way too many of my goals.  So screw that. I’ve got an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon in town, and I’m going to get this shoulder fixed good as new. Even better than new perhaps!  And then I’m going to *really* kick some ass.

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