Shoulder Update

The left shoulder and acromioclavicular joints...

So! Now that I have seen an orthopedic surgeon… (two of them, in fact!) I know why you don’t diagnose yourself.  I made a fairly reasonable educated guess for someone who hasn’t even taken a biology class in almost 20 years. But the problem had nothing at all to do with my collarbone.  Turns out I have tendinitis of my biceps tendon.  This is a fairly common thing supposedly.  It is also very possible that I have what’s called a “slap tear” where the tendon attaches to my shoulder joint. Orthopedic surgeons don’t really look favorably on clients who CrossFit. Alas. The first surgeon who saw me, who was like the “under surgeon” or something could tell I wasn’t going to just give it up though. Her thought was that perhaps I’d injured the shoulder and that it just never really healed all the way. She suggested I get a cortisone shot, then really let the shoulder rest for awhile to see if the inflammation would truly go 100% away this time.  The other surgeon who is one of the best in the area did suggest I try modifying my exercises to keep my elbow close to my body to help keep it from being injured again.

In the meantime, I have gotten a cortisone shot in the shoulder.  It kicked in a couple days after the actual shot, and my shoulder was feeling fantastic for over a week. Even went on a backpacking trip.  Not quite sure what I did on Saturday night though, because now, my arms hurt. But it’s both my arms. And while it hurts when I do the same movements that normally hurt my shoulder, it’s hurting in a different place as opposed to in the shoulder joint. So I’m hoping I didn’t un-do all that the cortisone shot had done for me.

The current plan is to take a break from CrossFit for a month. I don’t wanna (*pout*) but I know it’s better to try and let this really heal completely if possible and then come back stronger rather than just perpetually be working with an injured shoulder.  In the meantime, I’ll stick to running and biking.  In July, I will start working out like a mad woman once again.  If the shoulder gets hurt yet again, then my next option is to get an MRI to be certain it’s a slap tear, and then have laparoscopic surgery to get it re-attached how it should be.  I got the feeling surgeon #2 feels that’s a bit drastic, but I want to be better, and if this is what it takes, so be it!

We can rebuild her. We have the technology. Better than she was before. Better… stronger… faster.

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