Down, but Definitely NOT Out

So I was finally home on a Saturday for the first time in about a month so I was able to do my measurements for the first time in awhile. The OCD part of me insists that measurements always be done first thing Saturday morning. So if I’m not home with my scale and my measuring tape, or if I forget, it doesn’t happen till the next opportunity of being home and remembering on a Saturday morning.

Anywho! Not sure about my numbers. On the one hand, I lost 4 pounds and 3cm! WOO-HOO! On the other hand, my body fat percentage hasn’t changed at all.  This likely means I’ve lost muscle.  That is a NIGHTMARE.

So since I’m still on my self-imposed exile from CrossFit, I need to come up with a new game plan.  Coincidentally, not being able to go to the gym is really driving me batty.  Sure, I could swing by, say hi to friends, etc.  But I know me, and I just *KNOW* I would end up wanting to try something and not give my shoulder the 100% rest it needs.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t do *SOMETHING*! I’ve come up with a bit of a workout plan for the interim. Plus, it gives me something to do since honestly, I’m traveling so much lately I wouldn’t be able to go to my own CrossFit gym anyway.  My goal was to go back to CrossFit after my vacation the first week of July, but it’s looking like I might be traveling for work the two weeks after that as well, so that’s getting pushed back.  I found a few butt and ab exercises I can do from the comfort (or in the confines) of my hotel room.  So I plan to alternate between a quick butt-blasting video, a Pilates abs video and a squats and lunges workout. I’m also going to be training to get better at my double unders. Jump ropes are a very portable piece of workout equipment! (Tried working on double unders this morning, and was feeling it in my bad shoulder. Will stick to singles for a warm-up for now.)

The other thing I’m really trying to work on during this down time is my mobility.  I’ve been doing a lot of hip opening stretches and working on my ridiculously tight hamstrings. I want to be able to touch my toes without it being such an effort!  In this vein, I’ve also starting to become very close friends with my lacrosse ball.  Rolling out with a lacrosse ball is the definition of “hurts so good”.

I also plan on biking as much as I can when I’m home and finding new places to run when I’m traveling.  Speaking of traveling; looks like a few trips to Fremont, CA are in my future. Anyone have any suggestions on nice places to run around there?

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