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Little Detour

Sometimes, life can throw you a detour.  Other times, you *choose* to take the long way! On a recent drive from Baltimore up to Cape Cod with friends, I mused as we passed through Delaware, “I wonder what and where … Continue reading

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Another Shoulder Update

Two weeks ago: Tried a tiny bit of a workout.  Shoulder press w/dumbbells.  5 @ 15lbs. 5 @ 20lbs. 3 @ 25lbs. Form started going, so I stopped there.  Tried a pullup for the first time in months. Didn’t quite get … Continue reading

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Air Traffic Control

One of the big ambitious goals I have for some day is that I’d like to learn to fly a plane. With how much I’m traveling, I don’t have time for lessons right now though. (I miss enough of my … Continue reading

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The Best Laid Plan…

“Everything always changes. The best laid plan lasts until the first arrow leaves the bow.” -Matrim Cauthon (The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan) Life’s little detours. You’ve gotta keep on your toes to deal with them!  I’d previously planned … Continue reading

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Get Lost!

One of the hardest things about traveling so much is that it’s really easy to make excuses for missing workouts. Recently on a trip, I had a very early start at the client site, so I was able to leave … Continue reading

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