The Best Laid Plan…

English: Detour in direction indicated

“Everything always changes. The best laid plan lasts until the first arrow leaves the bow.” -Matrim Cauthon (The Fires of Heaven by Robert Jordan)

Life’s little detours. You’ve gotta keep on your toes to deal with them!  I’d previously planned to go back to the gym right after my vacation, but I then found out I’d be traveling for work the two weeks after as well.  So I’d originally planned to start my comeback in July. Then, because of vacation, I pushed it back a week. Now, it’s getting pushed back another two weeks.  At this point, it’ll be almost August before I’m back to the gym.  And this *REALLY* bums me out, because I was really hoping to not just participate in, but actually be somewhat competitive at the Festivus Games which is in August.  But I won’t have the time to get enough training in before then.

So I have to stick with my plan of little workouts for a bit longer, and possibly work with my trainer to come up with a more comprehensive routine.  And after vacation I’m going to start adding back in some upper-body work to see how the ol’ shoulder holds up.

How do you deal with set backs and wrenches thrown into your plans? Do you go with the flow, or are you the type who needs to step completely away for awhile to regroup and try again later?

“The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often awry”
-“To a Mouse” (Robert Burns)

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