Another Shoulder Update

The human shoulder joint

The human shoulder joint (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two weeks ago: Tried a tiny bit of a workout.  Shoulder press w/dumbbells.  5 @ 15lbs. 5 @ 20lbs. 3 @ 25lbs. Form started going, so I stopped there.  Tried a pullup for the first time in months. Didn’t quite get it, but I think if I’d had more room to kip, I could have gotten it. The pullup bar in the hotel gym was too close to the mirror and I couldn’t kick as much as I wanted to. Also did double under work, and I felt ZERO pain this time.

Doing hundred pushups. AGAIN. This time doing “military-style” pushups. Need to keep my elbows in close.  I totally suck at these and it’s going to take awhile for me to be even semi-decent at them. I was never good at pushups though.

Super excited, even though I didn’t really do much of anything yet!

The following day: ZOMG, my shoulders are *SO* sore. I’m really hoping I didn’t re-injure myself.  My only shred of hope is that *both* of the shoulders are sore, and in the same spots, so it could just be normal shoulder soreness and not a re-injury.  Have not done any pushups since.

One week ago: Did 3 rounds of 10 dumbbell cleans (25lbs); 3 rounds of Turkish Get-Ups. 3 at 15lbs, 3 at 20lbs and 1 at 25lbs; 3 rounds of 10 “Deadlifts” (cable pull machine; couldn’t get full depth) at 100lbs.  Also tried doing a pullup again. Still need more strength/room to kip.

The following day: Shoulders both feeling 100% fine!  Woo!

Last night: Went to CrossFit for the first time in forever (where forever == 2 months!). The WoD was 5 rounds of 5 deadlifts (135lbs for me) and 20 sledgehammer swings (right side + left side = 1 rep). It was the *perfect* workout to come back to. Deadlifts are totally in my wheelhouse so I didn’t have to feel like I was starting over from scratch. Finished the workout in a respectable 11:55.  Trying to swing a hammer with your off-hand is *SO* awkward!  Obviously, there is some shoulder rotation happening with that movement, but I felt fine throughout the workout. Well, my shoulders did.  My hands ended up tearing a bit from sliding on the handle of the hammer.  I guess they’ve softened up quite a bit after two months off! Due to the hand tears, I wasn’t able to try a pullup on a bar with plenty of space, alas.

Today: Feeling sore in all the expected places, but no extra pain in the shoulder, so that’s good!

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