Pushing through the Fear

Today’s CrossFit WoD had two parts.

English: weight lifting

English: weight lifting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Part 1: Find your 1 Rep Max Squat Snatch.  If you were uncomfortable with the squat snatch, you can do the power snatch. I have crappy flexibility in my shoulders, so I did one squat snatch at 55lbs (more of a power snatch into an overhead squat, really) and then decided to focus on the power snatch. Now, earlier this year, during the open, I was able to handle 75lbs without *too* much trouble.  But today, I was having quite a bit of trouble. I wasn’t dropping under the bar enough (or nearly at all).  It’s scary to put that much weight up over your head!  Eventually I grabbed an unloaded bar and just practiced really dropping under the bar.  Next try with the 75lbs, I got it!  Still annoyed with myself though; if I’d gotten my form down *first*, I probably could have tried a heavier weight.  But it was time for part 2.

Rope Climber

Rope Climber (Photo credit: Brian Auer)

Part 2: Max Rope Climbs in 3 minutes. Normally, when there’s a rope climb, I just set up, pull myself up once, then let myself back down.  I get *maybe* 3 feet off the ground.  Today I tried to maybe do two pulls before coming back down. My feet kept slipping on the rope. But I kept trying my “practice” of climbing. With 30s left, I switched ropes.  My feet stopped sliding. I actually made it half way up. At this point, I’m terrified. I don’t have a fear of heights, but I do have a fear of falling. And it seemed a long way down. The key to a rope climb is to lock the rope with your feet, so that you’re standing on the rope, not hanging from your arms. This is what saved me.  I couple times, I just stood there, holding onto the rope for dear life, but with all my weight in my legs which are used to my weight, unlike my arms which need lots of work. It took some inching along, but I made it to the top! First rope climb ever! Getting back down was a bit scary, but it was actually easier than I thought.  Oddly, coming back down used more arm strength than going up!

Level Up

Level Up (Photo credit: GerGauss)

What do you really want that seems scary to go after?

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