Sunrise from the plane

Sunrise from the plane (Photo credit: otherthings)

On a recent flight, I almost missed my plane.  Somehow I’d gotten it in my head that my flight left at 6:30am instead of 6:00am. Even though I’d gotten to the airport early based on when I *thought* my flight left, I still missed the 45 minute cut-off to check my bag. This really annoyed me.  I had to figure out how to stuff my purse into my luggage to get through security. You’re only allowed two carry-ons, and for me that’s usually my purse and my backpack with my work laptop. Also, since I’d planned on checking my bag, I didn’t have my toiletries all separated out and whatnot. Naturally, since airport security is one huge joke, it didn’t matter. I had liquids, they didn’t bother to check them. Got through without any extra screening and made it to my gate.

Got to my gate and pretty much everyone else had already boarded. When they scanned my boarding pass, there was a loud buzz. This usually indicates something is wrong with your boarding pass or to alert the gate agent to verify with you that you have chosen an exit row seat. I didn’t think I’d chosen an exit row seat for this flight… Turns out this time, it was cause my seat had been changed. I’d gotten bumped to first class!  I found out later it was thanks to my co-worker. He’s got higher status than I do, and when he got an upgrade, he said that I was his traveling companion, so I got bumped too (even though the seats weren’t together, and really when you travel with your coworkers you see too much of them as it is, you don’t want to sit next to each other on a long flight on top of it all). Anyway, that was so awesome of him! AND! Despite being one of the last to board (but not *the* last, thankfully!) I still managed to find a place relatively close to my seat to stow my luggage!

First Class!

First Class! (Photo credit: nedrichards)

I *heart* first class. You get drinks before take-off. You get warm towels to wipe your hands and face. On this flight, I was served a breakfast of scrambled eggs (not bad), sausage (tasty, but slightly weird texture), some sort of potato (I tried one bite, and it was *really* tasty, but I try not to eat carbs), fruit (grapes, pineapple and honeydew) and yogurt (only had a few bites cause it tasted more like vanilla pudding, and again with the carbs).  Also had some orange juice (I like to think if I get vitamin C during a flight I won’t catch a cold from the circulating dry air).  And all this was served on actual plates with actual silverware (probably not actual silver though) instead of paper and plastic. The in-flight TV that normally costs nearly $8 in coach is free in first-class. I didn’t watch anything this time, mostly because the movies had started by the time I’d boarded (wtf is up with that?) and I hate missing the beginning of a movie (unless I’ve seen it a million times).  So I tried to catch some sleep (6am flight meant a very early morning and a long day).

Got to my hotel and was lucky enough to be able to check in early (my coworker wasn’t so lucky, alas).  I got a room with a little patio that looks out over a garden with fountains. It’s quite lovely! I took advantage of it (and the gorgeous weather) and sat outside while doing a bit of crochet.

View from my hotel room

This is Life Upgraded folks!

This post has been brought to you by the parenthetical statement.

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