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Facing Your Fears

Life can be pretty scary. But sometimes, scary can be fun, and downright AWESOME! Recently, I had the opportunity to conquer one of my fears.  Ok, maybe conquer is too strong.  It still scares the crap out of me. But … Continue reading

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Lack of Consistency

Ok, I haven’t been quite *that* bad. However. Not being consistent has cost me.  A LOT. Went to the gym the other day.  The workout looked just awful. 100 squats 80 situps 60 pullups 40 burpees 20 box jumps 10 … Continue reading

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Despite being a self-professed professional computer geek (although my geek cred has been declining over the years), until recently, I had not embarked on one of the geeky rights of passage. That all changed last month when, for the first  … Continue reading

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Doggie hiking couture

So in my last post I went on about the things I love about Fall, including going hiking. In that vein, in the hopes of getting out more and enjoying the weather, I have put a bunch of hikes on … Continue reading

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