Doggie hiking couture

So in my last post I went on about the things I love about Fall, including going hiking. In that vein, in the hopes of getting out more and enjoying the weather, I have put a bunch of hikes on my calendar.  I’m part of a Meetup Group for people with dogs, and they have a hike planned for every Sunday morning for the next month. As I’m always on the lookout for new ways to channel Bentley’s energy, this is the proverbial win-win. I get to enjoy the weather, the pup gets some exercise.

But I really want to make sure he’s good and worn out. So I decided to get him one of those doggie backpacks to give him a bit of extra weight to carry.  While on a trip for work, I headed over to the local REI (the closest stores to wear I live are actually out of state, grr!) to check out what they had.  I found one that looked like it would be absolutely perfect for Bentley.  I took it to the register and asked for the price.  It was $90. NINETY DOLLARS.  For a DOG pack!  I don’t think I paid that much for my *OWN* backpacking pack!  (It was on sale) And that same brand makes another pack that is $140! For a dog!

Going to the website was a horrible idea, because I now am convinced my dog needs both the $90 pack for hikes, the $140 pack for backpacking, boots, jackets, fleece coats, a life jacket, and all sorts of toys.

Blurry Action Shot!

So back to REI. I bought a pack that cost $55 instead, which is still rather outrageous. (I still really want the $90 one though!) Unfortunately, it really didn’t fit Bentley properly so I had to return it.  So I went to another, local store that had the Ruffwear brand of packs. This time I was able to take Bentley with me.  Unfortunately, my pup has short little legs.  We were able to get the pack to fit, but the saddle bags were way huge on him. Then I tried PetSmart. I knew they had inexpensive ones in stock, but the size small ones that they carried were always in pink. I’m not a fan of the color pink. I went there, and they only had the medium size in stock which was, once again, too big.  I asked if they had any smaller ones.  They said to try back next Thursday, after the next truck came in.

This next time, I just called ahead.  They *did* have a small, and it *wasn’t* pink! But it was a completely different pack than what I was looking for.  This is more like a satchel than a backpack.  But at this point, I really couldn’t be picky anymore, so I got it.  It fits Bentley just fine, and weighted down with $2 in pennies, it gives him a little extra work to do on our hikes!  Also, it was only $15.

He’s just so adorable in his little pack! But I didn’t get it for the looks (other than not wanting pink), it really is to give him some extra weight so he gets a bit more exercise on our hikes (since in a group setting we tend to amble slowly rather than a brisk walk like we normally do).  And it worked too! He was nicely tuckered out when I got him home!  Success!

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