Hair Treatment – Part I

Pinterest. I’m addicted. It’s a horrible, wonderful thing. So many ideas! But as some of the pins even say, if you spent half as much time doing the things as you do browsing and pinning, you’d have an immaculate home, be a world-class cook, and have the fit body of a supermodel.

So, in that vein, I decided to put some of these tips and tricks that you find on Pinterest to the test. Round 1: sleeker hair.

This is how i normally wear my hair. ALL. THE. TIME.

Twisty bun

Twisty bun

When I let it down, it looks kinda cute at the ends, all curly-like. But the roots aren’t so great, so I brush it out, and I end up with this huge frizz (and me, doing my best Mackayla is not Impressed impression)

Hair before and after brushing

Curly before, but way frizzy after brushing.

So I tried one of these do-it-yourself hair treatments. It involves vinegar, glycerin, castor oil and egg. As you can imagine, it stinks. You’re also supposed to leave it in your hair for two hours, under a shower cap which is under a towel. Towels never stay put when I wrap them around my head, so I just put on my favorite fleece hat. Oh yeah, the concoction? It’s runny, so after awhile you have this egg mixture running down the sides of your face. The two hours really isn’t that big a deal; I managed to beat the final boss in Torchlight while I was waiting. (Achievement Unlocked!) Then you shampoo it out. I don’t blow dry my hair, so this is how it looked the next day after it had dried completely.

Hair before and after

Slept with my hair in a braid. Much less frizzy after brushing this time!

Nice, but I did just wash my hair. So I went about my normal routine, and here’s how it looked after a few days.

Hair before and after

After a few days, still not too bad!

Not too bad. The instructions say you’re supposed to do this twice a week for a month, and then once a month thereafter.

No time for that

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

But I did repeat the treatment a week later just to see if it would make a difference.

Hair before and after

After treatment #2. (ignore the sleepiness)

And then again, after a few days, for comparison.

Hair before and after

One more comparison for good measure. A few days after a 2nd application of the concoction.

So the treatment kinda works. My hair is less frizzy and it’s a LOT less tangled when I go to brush it. But perhaps the biggest endorsement I can give it is that my mom seems to think that it made a HUGE difference and that I need to keep doing it. That whole “you are your own worst critic” saying? That’s because whoever said it never met my mother. If she thinks it worked, it worked.

A few tips: as stated previously, the concoction doesn’t smell so great. I recommend adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix to make it a bit more bearable. Also stated previously, this is a runny mess. Trying to figure out how to apply it the first time was tricky. The second time, I used a larger container so I could flip my head upside down an basically dip my hair into it. If I’d perhaps had a tighter shower cap, it might not have run down my face. Another option is to wrap your hairline with that cotton stuff they use at the salon when you color your hair to prevent your skin from getting all stained. It was tricky finding the castor oil and glycerin called for in the “recipe”. I did manage to find it at CVS though, so if you’re having trouble, I’d suggest checking your local drug store.

Will I be trying this again? I dunno, probably a couple more times till I run out of castor oil. There are other treatments that seem to use more readily available ingredients and are potentially less hassle. And perhaps I will derive a better benefit from those! I will, of course, keep you posted!

Have you ever tried anything from off Pinterest? How did it turn out?

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