Shoulder Surgery

Recently (a couple months ago now I guess), my shoulder started hurting again. At first, it was just a teeny tiny twinge. Even so, as soon as I felt that slight bit of discomfort, I started babying the shoulder. Despite that, it kept hurting more and more.  I went back to the doctor. This time, I got another cortisone shot and scheduled for an MRI.

The opening in a GE Signa MRI machine

The opening in a GE Signa MRI machine (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things went pretty quickly actually. I got the MRI the day after Thanksgiving. A week later, I was back at the Orthopedic specialist’s office for the results. Turns out, it was inconclusive. At first, it sounded like that was that. But they decided to go ahead with surgery. They would do an arthroscopy (stick a camera in my shoulder and look around) and if they found anything wrong, they would fix it. It was scheduled for the Thursday before Christmas.

My shoulder the day after surgery. The bigger red blob that looks like a nasty mosquito bite is the front incision. RG are my surgeon’s initials. Not sure what the other purple marker is. They taped up the entire shoulder afterwards, which is all the rest of the redness and residue in the picture

So off to surgery I went. All in all, surgery itself wasn’t so bad. Didn’t have any bad effects from the anesthesia. Unfortunately, they did not find a tear in my biceps tendon as they had expected. I had exhibited all the classic symptoms, but no tear.  They did clear out some bursitis (inflammation) from under my acromion (a bone in the shoulder) but that was about it.

The incision they made on the back of my shoulder.

Since they didn’t really do anything, my recovery has so far been quick, but I am in physical therapy and it will be a couple months before I’m back at full strength. I’m rather disappointed though. On the one hand, yay for quick recovery! But on the other hand, since they didn’t find anything and didn’t fix anything, I don’t know what I’m going to do about this whole shoulder issue. I’m hoping physical therapy helps, but I’ve done it before, and I’ve still gotten injured afterwards. Am I going to need periodic cortisone shots for the rest of my life? I’m really tired of having to start over every time my shoulder decides to throw a hissy fit at me.

For right now, my New Year’s Resolution is to NOT have my shoulder get injured again in 2013.  :p

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