CDs Aren’t Meant to be Scratched

Carreras, Domingo and Pavarotti in concert

When I went in for the MRI on my shoulder, I was told I could bring a CD to listen to while I lay there and the machine did its thing.  I dug out my old Three Tenors CD as I figured that would be soothing.  Unfortunately, the disc was scratched to hell, and after a bit it started skipping, and then just stopped playing completely.

Super scratched up!

After I got home, I tried to see if I could somehow fix it.  Pinterest had a bunch of pins that seemed to suggest using toothpaste of all things to fix the scratches.  Since the CD was pretty much useless, I figured I really couldn’t make it any worse, and I gave it a go using some Crest Optimum White paste.

Just a dab of toothpaste

Smear it all around…

In the end, it didn’t fix my CD, alas.  Should I ever have to have another MRI, I hope they’ve advanced to using a stereo with input for an MP3 player!

Still all scratchy, alas!

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