Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake

My mom decided to take advantage of my love of baking recently to make her a coffee cake.  She had tried some at work and wanted the recipe, and when her coworker told her she’d found it on Pinterest, well, you can guess what happened next.

KitchenAid stand mixer

Mixing up the wet ingredients. Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE my KitchenAid mixer?

Now this recipe does not call for any chocolate, so I was quite disappointed and while I’d be willing to make it again if someone asked me to, it’s not something I would just up and make.  Mostly because I’m not a huge fan of coffee cake. My dad, however, devoured it.


Whisking together the dry ingredients

In the end, it came out quite nicely! There was a bit too much of the “streusel”, and you need to watch where you put it in the pan.  As you can see, because I flipped this upside down when it was done, all of the yumminess ended up on the bottom, and the layer in the middle wasn’t quite in the middle!

cake in the oven

In the oven. Struesel on top made it hard to tell when the cake was done, and it all ended up on the bottom anyway once the cake was flipped out of the pan

But in the end, the verdict was that it was quite tasty!  And it was fairly easy to make as well!  It’s always nice when you can make something that seems complicated and impressive easily!  (Don’t ever tell people that it was easy, unless it is in that manner that makes you look like a wizard in the kitchen. “Oh, ain’t no thang.”)

Crumbly coffee cake

Crumbly coffee cake

So this is a good recipe, all in all.  Needs a bit less struesel, and it needs to be spread out a bit more evenly.  My dad would have liked it if I’d ground down the walnuts more, but that depends on if you’re a fan of big crunchy pieces or not so much.  Perhaps next time, I’ll use just a square pan instead of getting all fancy with the bundt pan!

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