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Private Riding Lessons

A few months back, my mom gave me some money for my birthday that was to go to a private riding lesson.  Well, it took me forever to schedule it, but I finally did. It was a bit tricky too, … Continue reading

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Snow Pup!

So we’ve been having some wacky weather around these parts. One day it’s warm enough to run around in t-shirts in January, and the next, the temperature is in the teens and there’s a foot of snow.  Bentley was getting … Continue reading

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Courtyard Tacoma, WA

I have been doing some traveling to Tacoma, Washington for work lately. While normally I prefer to stay at Hiltons, there aren’t any to be found close to my customer’s site. And by close, I mean walking distance.  Whereas there … Continue reading

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Minor Setback

My shoulder has been feeling pretty good lately. I was thinking that it was time to start getting back to the gym, even if I was only doing my physical therapy exercises there. I figured I’d get some motivation, and … Continue reading

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