Minor Setback

My shoulder has been feeling pretty good lately. I was thinking that it was time to start getting back to the gym, even if I was only doing my physical therapy exercises there. I figured I’d get some motivation, and I could start at least doing warm-ups and doing a few exercises at a very light weight to see how my shoulder would handle it.

20120309 Physical Therapy Equipment

20120309 Physical Therapy Equipment (Photo credit: kbrookes)

We’ve also been having some weird weather lately. It got up into the 60s (F) last week. In January! People were out in shorts and t-shirts! I figured I would take advantage of the nice weather and take Bentley out for a run. The weather was lovely, I was feeling good, Bentley was thrilled to be going for a run.  Perfect, right?

I’m not sure what happened. One second, we’re running along smoothly. The next… all I remember is hearing Bentley yelp, me tripping over him and landing HARD with most of my weight right on the tip of my elbow.

Wounded elbow

It hurt. A lot. And the way I landed, jarred my whole arm up into my shoulder. Luckily(?) I landed on my “good” arm, so I didn’t damage the shoulder I had surgery on.  Of course, now I have *two* bad shoulders.

One week later, you can see the bruising.

Also, in the TMI and gore category, even a week later, it’s still bleeding sometimes.  It’s right on the point of my elbow, so if I bend my arm all the way the would breaks open, and it’s right on that part of the elbow I would normally rest on an armrest, so it keeps getting bumped against those and the edge of my desk at work.

So it’s a bit of a set-back.  Been having to take some Aleve to dull the pain enough to sleep a couple times. But I’m hoping it’s just a really bad bump and that it’ll be back to normal soon!

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