Courtyard Tacoma, WA

I have been doing some traveling to Tacoma, Washington for work lately. While normally I prefer to stay at Hiltons, there aren’t any to be found close to my customer’s site. And by close, I mean walking distance.  Whereas there are two other hotels that are just a couple blocks away. Since the Hotel Murano isn’t affiliated with any of the big chains, we stay at the Courtyard which is a Marriott hotel.

English: Skyline view of Tacoma, Washington

Skyline view of Tacoma, Washington (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During our most recent stay, the hotel was rather full, so when I called to book a room, all they had left were the King Suites. Oh darn.  I gotta say, it was a rather nice room.  Huge, four-poster bed. Free water and juice.  Amazing spa tub (which unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take advantage of.  Boo!)

Four-poster bed

I loved the little details, such as the fancy folded towels.  Other details just left me rather giggling.  The room had THREE phones!  One next to the bed, one on the desk, and one mounted right next to the toilet in the bathroom.  There was also a second television in the bathroom, angled so you could watch from the tub!

Spa tub

If I ever get one of those suites again, I *definitely* need to try out that tub!

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