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Broiled Grapefruit

So I’ve been seeing that broiled grapefruit makes a good snack, so I thought I’d try it. Plus, I’d never used a broiler before in my life, and figured it was a good excuse to learn. No time like the … Continue reading

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Long Slow Road to Recovery

I’ve been working on ever so slowly recovering from my shoulder surgery.  In order to not get discouraged, I’ve been purposefully taking things ridiculously slowly.  In part because I don’t want to injure myself and suffer a setback. Also, I … Continue reading

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The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Open starts today. I love that they let *EVERYONE* compete for a spot. You don’t need a sponsor, you don’t need to be “found” by some talent coach. I’ve competed the past two years.  In 2011, I was … Continue reading

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