The CrossFit Open

The Reebok CrossFit Games Open

The CrossFit Open starts today. I love that they let *EVERYONE* compete for a spot. You don’t need a sponsor, you don’t need to be “found” by some talent coach.

I’ve competed the past two years.  In 2011, I was disqualified in the second or third WoD because I couldn’t clean the prescribed weight.  Last year, I managed to get some reps in every single workout, but I wasn’t able to get the chest to bar pullups in the last WoD, so I only got 3 reps on that one.  I was so proud that I managed to do 3 (or was it 6) snatches at the heavier weight in the snatch WoD.  I progressed *REALLY* far last year. It was awesome.

CrossFit Oakland

And then my shoulder started hurting.

And that time of year is once again upon us. I had hoped to have shoulder surgery earlier in the year, so that I would have had time to recover and start training for the Games.  I’d calculated exactly where I stood in the rankings last year, based on ALL who registered, and also based on just those who finished all the workouts.  My goal was to beat my standings.  I was going to get that chest to bar pullup this time. I was going to be able to do unbroken double unders.


I’m not even cleared to clean more than a training bar. How can I possibly compete? But maybe the extra rush will push me to be better about healing. I used the shoulder thing as an excuse a lot. I lost sight of my goal. But I also don’t want to push it too much and suffer a setback. I’ve had way too many of those as it is.

So do I register? Do I go for it, even if it means only getting one rep (if that) in some of the WoDs?

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