Long Slow Road to Recovery

I’ve been working on ever so slowly recovering from my shoulder surgery.  In order to not get discouraged, I’ve been purposefully taking things ridiculously slowly.  In part because I don’t want to injure myself and suffer a setback. Also, I don’t want to set lofty goals and then get discouraged if I don’t reach them, or worse, slack off and then hate myself for it. So I’ve been running a bit.  And by a bit, I mean 1 mile, once a week.

But the past couple of weeks I’ve actually made it to the gym.  One week, my boyfriend was visiting.  He does CrossFit, so I tagged along with him to my gym.  I had just planned on doing my physical therapy (PT) exercises for my shoulder.  But I did most of the warm up to warm up my shoulder (easy, around the world type things) and then worked on my PT exercises while everyone else did yoke walks (put this really heavy thing on your shoulders and walk from one end of the gym to another).  By the time they were done with that, I was done with my exercises, and it was time for the actual WoD.  It was a Tabata WoD. Tabata means 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. You do this 8 times for a total of 4 minutes.  In this case, we were alternating deadlifts and pullups, so it was 8 minutes total (8 of each exercise).  I wasn’t able to do deadlifts or pullups, but at the last minute, I decided to jump in and do squats and situps, the two exercises I *can* do.  I did really well, too, averaging 14-15 repetitions of each exercise each round!

The next day, my quads were in *SO* much pain.  They hated me for almost an entire week! I had to go down stairs either backwards or like a little old lady.  That’s what you get for taking time off though.

A week later, I went back.  Again, I was just going to do the warm-up and my little PT exercises. But it didn’t take much for me to talk myself into the WoD.  Mostly because it was a partner WoD, and if I didn’t join, there’d be an odd number of people. I took it super easy on the exercises that dealt with shoulder movements: substituted easy ring rows for pull-ups, and used a very light weight kettlebell for the sumo deadlift high-pulls and for the kettlebell swings.  I figured I could possibly make up for it in the squats and situps portion.

During the sumo deadlift high-pulls, my quads reminded me that they were still *very* cross with me. I managed to get through it though.  I could barely get to parallel on the squats though. I was *still* *SO* sore!

I went home and iced my shoulder (just in case) and my quads (because, ow). It was 20F/-6.66C out, so this was NO fun.  But dammit if it didn’t work!  I woke up the next day with absolutely no pain! Ice is your friend!

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