Paradisus Palma Real – Punta Cana

The pool

Recently, I spent a week at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana.  It was an amazing trip!  Details below!

This is living, people!

Sunday: Arrival
First Class from CLE to EWR!
Economy plus from EWR to PUJ
No problems with flights or luggage. Super early flight though. (left at 6am!)
Arrived, our room is ready. (Had to switch rooms due to them putting us in a handicapped suite at first.) Other guests complaining that their rooms weren’t ready even though check-in wasn’t till 3, and we got in at 2. So we lucked out!
Taxi from the airport was fine, despite my aunt warning us that they drove like maniacs.
Due to a CC mix up, we got access to VIP lounge, and a concierge made all our dinner reservations for the week for us.
Dinner was sushi.  It was meh.
Had room service for lunch (salads).  Fres, our room service guy is awesome.
Learned we got a special concierge cause we were there through RCI. Alex set us up for breakfast and a “buy with us” presentation for the next day.

View from the lobby

Breakfast and timeshare presentation. Tempting, but since I just bought in with HGVC, no thanks. Breakfast was yummy though.
Went to the mall. Kinda lame only cause it was all high-end and really expensive.
Chris tried to get into a poker tournament, but not enough people showed, so they cancelled it.
Laid out by the pool.
Dinner was Market Grill. Really yummy steaks. (we each got two entrees)
At some point during the day, Fres stopped by and left us two fruit plates and a bottle of wine!
Asked for “something sweet” at the bar. Was introduced to “Dos Amigos” which is coconut rum, pineapple juice and a splash of cranberry juice. My new drink for the rest of the week.

lounging in the pool with a drink!

Room service breakfast. We’d also scored some sugar cane from Alex which Pedro (who brought us breakfast) cut up for us.
Laid out by the pool some more. Burned a little bit.
Had a dance lesson and learned to salsa.
Dinner was at Vento. I had osso buco. Not bad.
Walked on the beach at night. It was lovely and you could see lots of stars.

kayaking in the Caribbean!

Got up, went to the gym.
Had breakfast at our own resort buffet. Also yummy.
Laid out in the shade on the beach this time.
I did a fun little Zumba/Aerobics class on the beach, Chris played volleyball.
Found out that internet that is non-existent in the room is awesome on the beach.
Hibachi for dinner
Saw a show in the style of Cirque du Soleil which was really fun to watch right up close.


Took a class on making cocktails! 6 seconds of straight liquor, 4 seconds of flavored stuff, 2 ounces of juices n such. Voila! I got picked to demonstrate and make a cocktail in front of everyone.  Also learned a new toast! Arriba! A baxo! A centro! (aye aye aye!) A dentro!
Dinner originally at Mole (Mexican) but Alex got us in at Gabi Beach
Dance party that night with fire dancers. Really awesome!  The guy who taught us to mix cocktails was juggling bottles on fire! Mad skills!
Did some sea kayaking

Fire dancers!

Went to the swim-up bar and hung out in the pool some. Did pull-ups off the bridge going across the pool. Amazing how much the water lifts your weight for you.
Dinner was scheduled to be at Bistro, which was Asian Fusion. Lots of curry on the menu, which neither of us liked. Went to Mole instead. It was *really* tasty and the dessert was excellent.
Went parasailing! It was lots of fun! Definitely one of those things that is absolutely worth doing once, but probably not any more than that.
Took another dance class. This time it was “Bachata” which is a Dominican style of dance.
Some Latin dancing at the Lobby Bar where I learned that Chris *CAN* in fact dance, and pretty well too!
Latin Passion show was ok, ending with Lambada and Brasilian Carnaval dancing which made me happy.

Swim-up bar!

Went Snorkeling which was fun. Got pictures and video. Yay waterproof camera!
Laid out in the shade on the beach a bit more.
Dinner was at Aqua, which was in the “Reserve” extra swanky section of the resort. Rather tasty.


Trip home. So sad to leave!
Airport was CRAZY BUSY! If you ever go, make sure you leave TONS of time to get through security. I lucked out. Having status, I looked for the “premier” access lane for check-in. I found one lane, but that was only for people going to Chicago, so I got into another lane which seemed long. Then a United representative was checking to make sure we could be in that lane. He asked if I was a Mileage Plus member, and I am, and he wanted to see my card. While I was digging for my little card that shows I have gold status, I came across my Mileage Plus Explorer credit card and showed him that. Well! He led us to another, shorter line for check in, and told us to come find him when we were done. After checking in, he then led us around and past almost the entire security line (which was literally out the door and going around the terminal on the outside!).  We saved TONS of time because of that, and just got extremely lucky!  I’m really glad I got that credit card now!

Flowers with room service!

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1 Response to Paradisus Palma Real – Punta Cana

  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast. We’re planning our honeymoon there in two weeks and are really excited. We also booked through RCI. Do you know if the RCI rooms are located in the main area of the resort, and if so, is it considered a “royal service” suite? If not, is it possible to upgrade?

    After many back & forth calls to the resort / RCI and lots of conflicting information, the consensus is that you can upgrade on site, but can’t necessarily reserve an upgraded suite.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences & your photos!

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