Been in a Funk

'Sad Icelandic sculpture' photo (c) 2005, - license:

I’ve been in a funk lately. Pretty much ever since Bentley died. I was so sad and upset, and then I was moving, and then work got really stressful-still is.  I kinda dropped off the face of the earth, and when it seemed like no one noticed, I just got even worse.  It got to the point where I was neglecting my health.

I’m starting to climb out of it, but it’s a long climb.

'Climbing' photo (c) 2008, Alex Indigo - license:

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2 Responses to Been in a Funk

  1. Holly Taylor says:

    The moment I got concerned, I saw you post on Facebook. Kristen also told me how busy you were. So people were worried…. We just did it secretly. I should have said something! I’ll be mor vocal with my support for you, Audrey!


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