Phone Upgrade

So lately I’ve been reading all these great stories on Lifehacker about all the nifty things you can do with voice actions and Google Now.  So I decided to try them out.  But I couldn’t get any of them to work for some reason.  I did some poking around, found some troubleshooting steps, tried following them, but I wasn’t seeing the things on my screen that I should have seen according to the directions I was following.  After a bit more poking around, I finally realized that I couldn’t do all these nifty things because my phone was still on the older Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich, and I hadn’t yet been upgraded to Jellybean.

Now, despite being a generally geeky chick, I’ve never bothered rooting/jailbreaking my phone.  It just hasn’t been that big of a priority to me.  The standard phone did what I wanted, and I was quite content with it.  Till now.  I was actually really annoyed that I couldn’t tell my phone “note to self” and have it go directly to my Evernote.

So what were my options?  I was due an upgrade on my phone.  For $200 + a new 2 year contract with my wireless provider, I could have a shiny new phone that would have the latest and greatest OS on it.  But due to medical bills from my shoulder, I really didn’t have that money to spend.  My other option was to root the phone and install a ROM with the latest OS. I really wasn’t looking forward to that (pure laziness on my part), but I really did want to new features of Jellybean.  This all happened while I was traveling a LOT.  So I decided the next time I was home for longer than 24 hours at a stretch, I would carve out some time and get my phone to where I wanted it.

Well, lo and behold!  When I stepped off the plane after a whirlwind month of 70+ hour weeks, I got a text message saying that my wireless carrier had finally released Jellybean for my phone! Patience (or procrastination, rather) had paid off!  I love being able to talk to my phone and have it do stuff; I feel like I’m living in a science fiction movie!

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot” I can’t wait till I can tell my phone to do that!

All in all though, this did make me realize the need to have a savings fund to upgrade my electronics.  Newer and better things just keep being relased, and a lot of the time the current hardware just can’t keep up with it (my current phone’s battery drains far too quickly and it’s a bit slow with this OS).  Once I get my bills paid off, I’m definitely saving up so that next time I want a shiny new toy, I can just go out and get it without a second thought!  And that’s part of what having a rich life means to me; not having to fuss and stress over every little thing!

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