Upgrading My Look

I am far from being a girly-girl.  I dislike fashion.  It’s too much damn work, and usually not comfy.  I would far rather wear workout clothes and my Vibram Five-Fingers than a cute dress and heels. (Most of the time. Sometimes the urge does hit me to get all dolled up, but it’s rare.)

That said, as an adult in the professional world, I figured I should start looking a bit more put-together.  It actually started off when I got my current job. The dress code there is lax, to put it charitably. One of the Vice Presidents would regularly come in in sweatpants. I decided to self-impose a rule of no jeans except on Fridays.  This doesn’t really mean much, since khakis and a t-shirt can look just as frumpy/lazy as jeans and a t-shirt, but it was a start.

Then, came the smattering of makeup.  I hate makeup. It takes me forever to apply (because I’m out of practice), I hate that I can’t touch my face with it on (which is actually a Good Thing, but I still don’t like it) and then it’s a hassle to remember to remove it all before going to bed.  Blah!  So I started with lip gloss. Fast, easy, and it’s usually worn off by lunch time anyway.  But at least I look like I put in a teeny bit of effort if I show up in the morning with lip gloss.

Lip Gloss

Next, came mascara.  I don’t know why I chose mascara, but I did.  Possibly because I lack large luscious lashes. Also because I wouldn’t have to worry about clogging up my pores if I fell asleep with mascara on. (Just raccoon eyes in the morning).  It got to the point where I could put mascara on in the car while driving. (Yes, I am a horrible person and try not to do this ever).

After that, I decided to go the accessories route.  Find earrings and possibly a necklace to match my outfit, even if my “outfit” was olive chinos and a random t-shirt.  It’s super quick and easy to switch out earrings/necklaces, and it does *wonders* for a “look”.

Most recently, I decided to give this BB cream stuff a try.  I’m not sure I like it.  I was hoping it would be more of a moisturizer rather than a foundation, but I do like that it doesn’t look as cake-y as foundation normally looks on me.  It also has built-in sunscreen which is good, and the kind I got (Garnier) is also designed for skin like mine, so it’s also not clogging my pores or creating more acne than it hides.  :p  But I still feel like I can’t touch my face with it on.

BB Cream

I recently got a trim.  It’s been ages since my hair has seen a professional; I go to the dentist more often!  I don’t do much with my hair, so I really need a low-maintenance cut.  I managed to get 3 inches trimmed off, but it really doesn’t look much different.  I was trying to go for a more dramatic change, but I have a requirement that the shortest of layers in my hair be long enough to put into a low braid since between horseback riding and commuting by bike my hair needs to be out of the way when under a helmet.

This is a work in progress though, so stay tuned for updates!  (And actual pictures of me, if I ever manage to take one that I like!)

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