Wanting a New Pet

I want a pet.  I miss having one. The boyfriend has a cat, a very sweet cat, but it is definitely *HIS* cat.  I want a pet of my own. I don’t know what kind of pet though.  Part of me wants a dog. Someone to be excited that I’m home. But part of me still feels guilty about Bentley, and I feel like I don’t deserve another dog.

Yay! You’re home!

Part of me wants a cat, it’s way less work.  Part of me wants two cats; it would be nice to adopt an older cat as well just to give them a home for the last few years of their life.  Not to mention there are deals going on, and I’m a sucker for a deal. First of all, the Cleveland APL has a deal where if you get a cat or kitten over 5 months old, you can get another one for $20 (normal adoption fee is $45).  BUT! This month only! They are partnering with a local radio station and ALL cats and kittens are $10.40!  Maybe we could get more than two cats? After all, we just discovered a mouse in the house and more cats equals fewer mice, right?  But if we get more than two cats, will we have crossed the line into crazy cat lady territory? I think the equation is if C > H+1, where C is the number of cats and H is the number of humans, you’re a crazy cat lady/person.  Or was it C > 2H + 1?

Maybe a couple of cats *and* a dog? Of course, then the boyfriend will want a dog of his own too. I think what we need is a zoo. What should I do?

A couple dogs, a few cats…

As a reminder, PLEASE spay and neuter your pets! And if you’re looking to bring a pet into your home, please consider adopting from your local rescue rather than going through a breeder!

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