Upgrading My Parents

Nah, I didn’t trade them in for another set.  But one of the awesome things of living an upgraded life is sharing it with others!

Since I travel quite a bit, I have quite a few frequent flier miles saved up.  The bonus of that is it allowed me to send my parents on vacation!  Earlier this year I sent my mom to Brasil for a month so that she could visit with family she hadn’t seen in a few years.

Last month, I also used my miles to get my dad a ticket to Brasil. Since he spends an entire year down there at a stretch and isn’t sure of his return date, I got him a one-way ticket and I’ll get him another once he figures out when (if!) he’s coming back.

What’s awesome about this is that since they are flying on my miles, they get to fly with my status!  They both were upgraded to Economy Plus seating for all legs of their trips! And for an international flight, that really comes in handy!

A little extra leg room goes a long way on a long flight!

In total, it cost me 60,000 points for my mom’s round-trip ticket and 30,000 points so far for my dad.  And since I fly often, and earn miles through credit cards and surveys, I’ve almost already re-couped all those miles.

It was really awesome to be able to do that for my parents, who have always done so much for me. It’s part of what an upgraded life means to me! What about you? What would make you feel as if you’ve “arrived”, as if you’d “made it”?

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