What’s in a Name?

So I finally got a new pet!  She’s a tiny tortoiseshell cat with a half black, half orange face.  She’s an absolute love, and a bit of an escape artist.  But I’m not sure what to name her! She came with the name Tito.  Seriously? Tito?  I mean, Tito is a horrible name for a cat in the first place, but she’s a SHE! Tito is totally a male name!  I’m not a fan of giving pets people names; it’s just a personal preference. So I’m trying to come up with some better names.  Ones I’ve considered so far:

  • Taini – Native American for “New Moon”. I was looking for something that maybe meant half moon or eclipse.  This has the bonus of sounding like “Tiny”, which she is.
  • Fantasia – a favorite movie of mine growing up!
  • Parisa – Persian for “Spritely” which she *definitely* is, plus, I love Paris!
  • Ayashe – Chippewa for “Little One”, again, very small cat!
  • A friend suggested Merida, from Brave, and after she scaled the gate holding her in twice in one night, this may also be an apt moniker for her!
  • Topaz – just based on her coloration
  • Kameko – Japanese for “Tortoise Child” no idea why someone would name their kid that, but for a tortoise shell cat, it works out fairly well!
  • Kamea – Hawaiian for “sweet darling”.  She is an absolute sweetie!

Other names people have suggested are: Phantom (I like it, but it doesn’t fit her), Harvey Dent (I get it, but don’t like people names), Jekyll (nah), Hyde (nah), Cadsuane (she’s too cute and cuddly to be Cadsuane), Bothan (nowhere near sneaky enough for a Bothan), Tootsie (sorry, but hell no), Teeny (covered above), Pekoe (interesting, it’s a type of orange black tea), Charlotte/Charlie (no people names! just like no capes!).

Currently though, the boyfriend is calling her “squeaker sneakers” which I *HATE* which makes him call her that even more.  But I’m thinking that I’m leaning towards Leeloo (yep, from The Fifth Element) as her name!

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