Perfect Summer Day

I’m a planner.  I love making lists and putting things into spreadsheets.  Lord help us all should I ever learn to do pivot tables.  But there’s something a bit unromantic about planning every little thing.  There is definitely something to be said for spontaneity, I get that.  I just worry that if I *don’t* plan, then I’ll just end up sitting in front of the computer pinning things on Pinterest that I actually wish I were doing, instead of actually getting out there and doing those things!

That said, I had a perfect summer day recently. (And hey, it was planned!)  We went to Cedar Point, the bestest most awesomest amusement park on the planet. It was a perfect day. Not too hot, and since we went on a Thursday, the lines weren’t too long.  It was fabulous. Got in some fantastic thrills, ate way too much food that was so delicious and so so so bad for us, and all in all had a fabulous time.  Since we went on an off day and the lines were short, we managed to hit everything we wanted to well before the park closed, so we cut out early.

16 coasters in one park!

We went home very briefly, only to turn around and leave again to go to a concert at a local park.  We saw Gaelic Storm.  Again, couldn’t ask for a better time.  Still had amazing weather, and the venue was great, kind of small, so you got a bit of a more intimate feel, and it was a really fun show to boot! We just got seats on the lawn at the venue, which really gave you that “it’s summer!” feel.

Venue, before the seats were filled

I’d love to have more days like that, but instead of just hoping for them, I’m going to plan for them!

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