So. I was in a car accident.  Somehow, in all the ensuing paperwork, they’d gotten my phone number wrong.  So I’m on the other side of the country for work when I get an email saying “we’re totaling your car, you’re going to get $8599 for it, and oh, by the way, have your rental back by Friday.”  I wasn’t even getting home till Friday!  So I called, and the lady I spoke with was really very friendly and quite helpful.  We extended my rental for a week.  So I had one week to get a new car.

I liked not having car payments, so I knew I was going to get a used car for about what I was getting back for my old car.  I shopped around, and found a 2006 Subaru Forester I rather liked.  It had a lot of miles on it though. But Subarus are known for lasting quite a long time. I had wanted my car to last me another 7 years, so this new (to me) vehicle would have to last just as long. In the end, time was ticking, so I figured I’d take it for a test drive and if I liked it, then that was that.


So I have a new (to me) car!  Interestingly enough, when I got my old Kia, I had really wanted a Subaru Outback, but couldn’t afford one at the time.  And this car while having more miles than my Kia, is one model year newer.  So it’s an upgrade!  At least, this is what I’m telling myself.  I *DO* like my new car, but I still miss my old one sometimes.

I only recently decided on a name for my new ride.  I’m calling her Epona. Yes, like the horse from some Zelda game.  I’ve only ever played the first Legend of Zelda, so I’m not even sure how I know that Link has a horse named Epona in one of the more recent ones.  Also, Epona is actually the Celtic Horse Goddess.  My Kia was also named after a horse. Her name was Seiera, which means “Blue Eye” (light blue car) in the Old Tongue.

I still have the original gold cartridge, thankyouverymuch.

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