Money on the Line

It’s amazing how a little money on the line can change your behavior. At the start of the new year (Happy New Year everyone!) we started a nutrition challenge at the gym.  It works a lot like The Biggest Loser.  Person who loses the biggest percentage of weight/inches/body fat (it’s all taken into account) wins.  You have to pay $20 to play, and winners take all!  There’s a total of $700 up for grabs!  That is a *NICE* chunk of change, even if you split it a bit between the top three winners.

Yesterday was Thursday. That means it was Donuts Day at work. A couple of guys started bringing in donuts every so often on Thursdays and then it became a Thing. Now there are donuts every Thursday, and we give them grief if there aren’t enough donuts with sprinkles on them or some such. So I went to a meeting first thing this morning, and when I got back to my “pod” of cubicles, there were two boxes of donuts sitting on the table in the middle of the pod. By this point, the vultures had already been at the donuts, and there were no sprinkled ones left. I don’t know why, but I am a complete sucker for sprinkled donuts. The fact that there were none left might have been the only thing that saved me.

I wanted a donut, but I figured I’d wait a bit. I hadn’t had my coffee yet, and if I have a donut first, then it makes the coffee taste really bitter. By the time I was done with coffee and my meetings for the morning it was lunch time, so I ate a healthy lunch. I had a banana at my desk from Wellness Wednesday (or as I call it, Free Fruit Day) so then I ate that. At one point, I felt the day called for chocolate, so I went to visit one of the team leads who keeps a bowl of chocolate at his desk. Alas, he was out. Lucky me!

By the time the end of the day rolled around, there was one donut left. Your basic chocolate covered variety. And this bakery, Fragapane’s *really* loads on the frosting. It was really tempting. But honestly, I wasn’t actually craving a donut. I kinda wanted it, cause I like sugar, and cause it was there, but it wasn’t a “zomg, I must have eet!” feeling.

Besides, there was that $700 to consider!

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