Honey, You Should See Me in a Crown.

We go through cycles at the gym.  The first week is 8×2 at 50% your one rep max. The next week, 55%, the next week 60%, and then the last week, you try for a new one rep max.  Somehow, I keep managing to be out of the gym on one rep max week.  I hadn’t tried for a new deadlift one rep max in a very long time.  YEARS ago, I had managed a 245 deadlift. But I hadn’t done any heavy deadlift work in a long time.  Also, I had really stopped working out for some time while I was dealing with my shoulder injury and subsequent surgery.

Previous 1RM

Then, after awhile, we did a photo shoot at the gym, and I decided to do a deadlift for one of the shots, since it’s my favorite lift.  I managed to lift 205 that day (Aug 19, 2013).  I wasn’t *really* trying for a 1RM, but it was nice to know I could still get into the 200s.  The following month, we tried for a 1RM of a Sumo deadlift. On Sept 30th, I managed 215. I was okay with that, and it wasn’t a “real” deadlift, so I was hoping I could lift more for a regular lift.

All dolled up and ready to lift.

So we’ve been doing our dynamic 8×2 deadlift sessions at the gym. I was going to be traveling, and was going to miss 1RM week. AGAIN. Friday comes around, and it’s currently Open Season, so the WoD was 14.4.  I took one look at it, and said “Nope.”  (Hey, sometimes you gotta listen to what your body tells you) So I went in during open gym to work on my 1RM. Now, I decided this on Thursday night before bed.  So I’m prepping for bed, and all I can think of is deadlifts in the morning. I carefully prepped my clothes for the next day and set aside what I was going to wear at work. I was seriously so excited, I could barely get to sleep. I also decided to start A Thing.  PR Tiara. You PR something, you get to wear a tiara all day in recognition of your awesomeness and badassery.

The next morning, I hopped out of bed with butterflies in my stomach, got dressed, and headed to the box. I had 3 different goals in mind. Goal #1: Beat my previous recent attempt of 215. Goal #2: Beat my previous 1RM of 245. Goal #3: 250lbs.  I warmed up with 10 at 95lbs.  Then 5 at 135.  Then 3 at 155.  Then I started singles. 185. After 185, I stopped adding up the weights.  I calculated in my head how heavy it was.  “Do I add 10s (which would be 20lbs total) or 5s?” I would ask myself.  I mostly went up by 10s.  My coach let me borrow a lifting belt. I’d never used one before.  Still not entirely sure if it helped me or not; it takes time to get used to, and I’m not sure I was using it right.  One lift was particularly difficult, but I managed. I figured it was time to drop down to 5s.  I pulled, but I couldn’t even get the bar off the ground.  I probably should have tried the 2.5lb plates, but I figured I’d call it a day.

Until I calculated the weight.  My previous successful attempt? 245. My previous max.  Now, had I been thinking, I would have tried the aforementioned 2.5lb plates. But I was tired and starving. But dammit if I wasn’t going to earn my tiara. We have miro weights at the gym. So I grabbed the 0.5 weights, slapped them on the bar, and pulled. It took screaming, but I got it up. 246! New PR!

And yes, I did wear the tiara all day at work. And yes, I did brag to everyone who asked why I was wearing it.

PR Tiara!

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