Pet Chipping

I took my cat Leeloo to the vet last night to get her microchipped. Lately, she’s taken to running from the house out into the garage when I get home. Luckily, I close the garage door to the outside first. That way, she’s just trapped in the garage. I’ve also tried leaving her out in the garage for awhile, hoping she’ll “learn her lesson.” But I really don’t think that’s going to work.

On top of that, lately I’ve read either horror stories of people losing their pets and finding out too late that their beloved pet was put down because the shelter couldn’t find an owner, or super heartwarming tales of people reunited with their pets sometimes many months later due to them having a chip. I want my Babycakes to come back to me, so I figured it was the responsible thing to do. If something horrible happens to her, at least I can know and get closure, too.

So last night, I tried to coax her into the cat carrier with some treats. This did not work at all, so I just made a grab for her, which was the wrong thing to do. Turns out, just picking her up and doing just a tiny bit of shoving got her into the carrier with relatively little hassle. She really didn’t try to fight it.  I was concerned though, because I have never had a cat be so quiet in the car. She didn’t meow once. Granted, the vet is literally a two minute drive from my house, but still! She cried plenty when I brought her home! And every other cat I know acts like it’s being tortured when it has to go for a car ride.

So we get to the vet and they weigh her. She’s overweight (like her mom). I knew that though. Since both the cats are overweight, they’re both going on diets. The “weight control” food doesn’t seem to be controlling their weight at all, even though they are getting the same amount as before. Next, the techs came in to chip her.  Basically it is a big needle with a little chip in it that they place under the skin.  They were very apologetic since the needle is so big.  I couldn’t watch. I’ve worked at an animal hospital before and assisted in surgeries, but I couldn’t bear to watch my own cat essentially get a shot. I’m a big baby.

Apparently she has thick skin, because it took them a bit to get the chip in, but she didn’t struggle or yelp, or even let out a plaintive “mew”. No bleeding either. Back in the carrier she went, again without issue, I paid, and we came home.

And then we got home.

I unzipped the carrier and let her come out on her own terms. The look she gave me once she was out broke my heart. I had betrayed her tiny trust. Any time I moved, she would flee from me. When I wasn’t moving, I either got a wary eye or the evil stink eye.  I know it’s for the best, but I still feel super guilty!

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