Avocado Chocolate Pudding

So in the quest to eat healthy, yet at the same time still have dessert, I went looking for “paleo” desserts. Newsflash: just cause it’s paleo, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily health food. Agave nectar might be all the rage, but it’s still essentially just sugar. But I still want dessert, and honestly, I’m far too good at lying to myself about such things. Disclaimer out of the way…

Here’s another recipe I found on Pinterest that I thought I’d try.  The avocado makes this pudding incredibly smooth, and it’s a marvelous texture! And it does not taste like avocado AT ALL. Also, super easy recipe! Let’s give it a go, shall we?

Gather the necessary stuff: 2 avocados, 1/3 cup cocoa powder (I probably used more cause, chocolate), 1/2 cup of milk (I used almond milk, substitute whichever kind you like best, but I would suggest using unsweetened, and unflavored), 1 1/2 tsp vanilla, and then sweetener of choice (I used Splenda, in this instance)

Pit and peel the avocados, chop them up and throw them into a food processor. Add the cocoa and vanilla.

Now add some sweetener, and blend it all up. Start slow with the sweet, you can always add more! Give it a taste, and add more sweetener if needed.  Voilá! That’s all there is to it! Super creamy delicious and reasonably healthy chocolate pudding!

Ok, more disclaimers: The only thing I haven’t quite nailed down about this recipe is the sweetening of it.  I tried Splenda, but that doesn’t quite work. Despite always using Splenda in my tea and coffee, when I used it in this recipe, I could really taste the artificiality of it.  I have yet to try agave nectar. But I fear that in order to actually taste like real pudding, you might have to break down and use real sugar, alas.

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