I realize that picture is enormous, but the sentiment is pretty important, not to mention pertinent to this post. (side note: I love alliteration)

So something was up with Murphy. Not sure if her eyesight was getting worse or if she was lame or what, but for a few lessons there, I wasn’t riding her. I was riding Timmy instead. It’s always nerve-wracking, for me, to get on a new horse. I’d ridden Timmy once or twice when we’d done jumping exercises though. I was a bit nervous, but he’s pretty much my kind of horse: slow-ish. I got comfortable with him relatively quickly.

And then the session changed. And the girl who normally rode Eddy had to have an emergency appendectomy (poor thing!) and so while she was healing, I got to ride Eddy. Eddy is NOT like Timmy. He’s big, he’s powerful and he’s fast. I’m absolutely terrified of fast horses. Fast cars? Awesome, there are seat belts. Fast roller coasters? Same deal: lots of rigorous testing and the laws of physics keeping me safe. Fast horse? Lord have mercy. No brakes. No restraints. So yeah, I was kinda freaking out.

But you know what? These have been some of the best lessons I’ve had in a long time! I feel like I’m learning so much! I also had a private lesson that I’d received as a Christmas gift from my mom, and during that lesson Marty (instructor) had be riding forward but also really slow. And that made me feel a LOT more at ease with riding Eddy.

So it’s been fun! I’m learning tons, I wouldn’t necessarily say I’ve completely overcome that fear, but at least for this horse I’ve conquered it! And it just feels so awesome after each lesson; like the way you feel after a particularly tough run or WoD, but you get through it and feel like you can do anything!

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