To Ride or Not to Ride?

I always figured the above was a really stupid question.  OF COURSE you ride when given the opportunity.  And then, I was given an opportunity.

I want to ride more, and my instructor talked with me today and said I could take a second lesson and ride on Wednesday evenings.  The time is perfect for me. But the problem is that it is with a different instructor.  One I don’t really like so much.

So do I take it? On the one hand, I could always learn something new from a different instructor. But I’ve ridden under this instructor before, and I REALLY don’t like her style. She’s just so… she seems so condescending? some times. Like she forgets that some of us have been doing this riding thing for awhile, and don’t need to be talked to as if we were little kids in pony camp. It’s really grating for some reason.

I think I might try it for a session, and if it annoys me too much, I can always just drop it!

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