Sports and Curses

We don’t have cable, and our antenna sucks, so to watch sports, we have to go to a local bar. This past Sunday was no different, so we went off to Harry Buffalo for pizza and football! I’m convinced that whenever I watch a game, my Cleveland Browns lose (my NOT watching has no bearing on the outcome, however). This annoys the boyfriend who wants to watch games, and thus, he has decreed that I have to watch every game this season to prove me wrong or something. So off we went to watch the Browns take on the Steelers. On our way to the bar, we checked the score. Tied at 3. Ok, no biggie.

Literally the SECOND we walk into the bar and I look at a TV, the Steelers score their first touchdown. The rest of the first half just went downhill from there. Then it was halftime, and somehow we traded for a better team. We scored 24 unanswered points (I believe). Where did that come from? The score was once again tied! There might be overtime!  Cleveland hasn’t won a season opener in 10 years!  This could be the year!  And then, naturally, my hopes were smashed like a wave upon a rocky shore when, in the last 5 seconds, the Steelers managed a field goal and my curse once again came true. Why must they always insist on toying with my emotions like this?!?!?!


Five-thirty-eight has the Browns pegged to win 7.2 games this year. So if they do worse, my curse stands. If they do better, it’s all in my head. So, my dear Browns, I apologize if you have an 0-16 season, but I have taken on this challenge of watching every game this year. And as is the mantra of our town, if it goes badly, “There’s always next year.”

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