Updates! (Stream of consciousness post on lunch and soreness)

It’s lunchtime. I’m not really hungry. Diner closes at 2 though, so I’ll need to get something before then. I really don’t want yet another salad. But I’ve already been “bad” today, using the excuse that I rode my bike into work, so I’d already burned off the calories. Can’t use that excuse twice. Maybe I can ride my bike up to Aladdin’s and get a shistawook rolled. I can at least pretend that’s healthy, and hey! More bike riding!  But I’m lazy and will likely just get that salad. Or maybe a large soup! (It’s freezing in the building today)

I rode my bike today because my legs are sore from Monday’s workout. Due to all the travel to Brasil and getting bronchitis and the BF moving to Connecticut, life has been stressful and hectic, and the result was that I’ve been to the gym all of twice in as many months. The BF has moved and things have settled down at work, so it was time to get myself back into a routine, and get serious about losing all this weight I’ve gained. (She says, after having eaten a donut).  I figured riding my bike would be “active recovery” and help get this soreness in my quads to go away.  Except that bike riding is essentially a whole bunch of one-legged squats (albeit with lots of assistance).  I didn’t really think that one through.  But it is absolutely *gorgeous* out here, so it was worth it.

Oh yeah, Brasil.  So I got to go to Brasil a bunch for work!  That was… hard.  The first trip was great – I got to see family I hadn’t seen in over 18 YEARS.  But after that? Just hard. Get up early, go to bed late, wash, rinse repeat. It was one of the VP’s pet projects, and there was a super tight deadline, so there was lots of work and lots of stress. Lots of stress. I even managed to get sick and then come down with a case of bronchitis. Fun. After that first trip I didn’t even have any time to see family any more at all either.  At that point, it was just work, with a long-ass flight thrown in at either end. At international travel can really suck when you land, and have to pretty much go straight to the customer with no time to recover from your flight.  And I wasn’t allowed to buy business class seats, so I was stuck in coach. And they don’t do upgrades up to business/first class on international flights. (My coworker has 1K status with United, which is super elite, and even *HE* couldn’t get upgraded)  Yes, first world problems, but it sucked regardless.

So here I am. Sore legs, and still trying to figure out what to do for lunch.  Part of the procrastination is that the diner is downstairs and going down stairs is my greatest nemesis right now.  I have a banana, an apple and a Lara Bar with me.  I think I’ll go for something light, and if I get hungry later, I have healthy snacks to tide me over till I get home!

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