Here’s my little tablet saga. Many moons ago, I got myself an Asus Transformer 101 with the keyboard/extra battery. It was an awesome tablet. But after many years, it was starting to be really sluggish. Then, over a year ago, I got a subscription to Marvel Unlimited for my birthday. All the comics I could possibly want to read! But the pages took forever to load, and the app kept crashing. The tablet wasn’t cut out for it. So, since the boyfriend was getting himself a new tablet, he gave me his Kindle Fire tablet. We side-loaded the comics app, and it worked beautifully. I was able to put Pinterest and Facebook on it, and all was well in the land. Well, for a bit, anyway.

I like Android. Google pretty much runs my life. I like using Chrome and Gmail. I couldn’t get Chrome on the Fire tablet. Amazon doesn’t let you download apps from the competition in its app store and because of the way Google runs its apps, I couldn’t just side-load it either. So I figured I would root the tablet and put Marshmallow on there, and all would be well. Turns out it was a huge pain in the ass to even attempt, and I couldn’t get it to work.

So back to my old tablet. Maybe I could put Marshmallow on that tablet and it would run better! Not sure why I was under the impression that putting more advanced software on top of old hardware would be better rather than worse, but I was determined to see what would happen.

The first snag I ran into is that there aren’t any ROMs for that tablet for Marshmallow. The best I could do was Lollipop. So I would be upgrading from Ice Cream Sandwich, skipping Jellybean and Kit-Kat, and going straight to Lollipop. (Hungry yet?) This process was actually pretty straight forward, but it kinda took me forever. First, I needed to root the device. I used the PERI tool, and just followed the instructions, and it went pretty smoothly. It does take time though. The hardest part was booting into the recovery app. You had to hold down the volume down button while you powered it down, and when it asks if you want to boot into recovery (kinda like safe mode) you have to hit the volume up within a VERY fast 5 seconds, or it just boots normally. Sometimes I’d have to reboot 2-3 times to get it to boot into recovery properly.

So then, my device was all nice and rooted! Yay! Next step was getting Lollipop on it. For that, I used the KatKiss ROM, and followed the instructions. Took me a bit to realize that while for the PERI tool you had to download stuff to your computer and then connect your tablet to the computer and run the .bat file from your computer to change stuff on the tablet… you don’t need to do that for the rest of it. Just download all the files straight to your tablet, and then you can install from recovery. Just navigate to your downloads folder! I did, however have to update my PERI tool as noted in the instructions for the ROM to a newer version.

The initial boot of my tablet after all was said and done took AGES. But I have a functioning tablet with a more up-to-date OS on it! Success! Next up, we’ll see if I can get it to run all the apps I want (I let my comics subscription lapse, so aside from that one, if I can get all my Google and social media time wasters to work, I’ll be thrilled!) Stay tuned for the continuing saga!

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