The little details

It really is the little things that can make a trip wonderful, or a complete burden. I recently took a trip out to Irvine, CA and thankfully, the trip was wonderful. Being in southern California in the spring instead of New England where it was snowing also probably had a huge impact in how I saw the trip. 😛

I stayed at the Doubletree Irvine Spectrum, and the staff there were all wonderful. The chocolates on my bed though really made me feel like a VIP!

mmm… chocolate


Unfortunately I’d forgotten my swimsuit; the outdoor pool was heated, and with the perfect weather, I couldn’t resist rolling up my jeans and dipping my toes in the water.

felt like a tiny slice of paradise

Having status with Hilton means I get to choose my own room, and I made sure to get one on an upper floor. I got a lovely view of the surrounding hills. The white tents are for a horse show that is like Cirque du Soleil but with horses. I really wish I’d had time to catch that show while I was there!

Spring in Southern CA

Then it was work work work till Friday afternoon. I had the red-eye flight out, and tried to figure out how to kill some time. That’s when I remembered that since I have the United credit card, I get two free Club passes a year. I had them with me, they’re due to expire at the end of the month, and I had no other travel plans, so I decided to make good use of them.

The lounge at the John Wayne Airport was tiny, but clean, had power, and also had some snacks, drinks and coffee.

Cozy United Lounge at SNA

I managed to get some shut-eye on the flight, and the next morning arrived at Newark, where I had another wait until my flight home, so I got to use my other Club pass. The lounge at EWR is significantly larger, since it’s a United hub. There was yogurt and fresh berries available for breakfast which was delicious and most importantly, a coffee machine that made espresso!

A much bigger lounge!

From here, I was able to watch the sun rise over Manhattan, which was beautiful. Unfortunately, I can never get the camera on my phone to capture the scene as well as my own eyes (especially with glare from the lights on the windows) but I tried!

sunrise over Manhattan!

So all in all, these little touches made it a lovely trip!

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2 Responses to The little details

  1. Moritz says:

    The little details are indeed essential. That’s especially when it comes to hotel stays. Of the many dozens hotels I’ve reviewed on my blog, I especially remember those that were special in some regard and had the little details that make me return!

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