Fitbit Blaze

So earlier this year, I went to California for some work training. While there, I gave a demo, and won a prize for best demo. The prize was a brand new GoPro camera. While it was certainly a very nifty prize, I really have no use for one. So I set about finding a place where I could exchange it. Turns out it was worth $300! The local Target carried it, but since it was so expensive, I could only exchange it for $300 worth of merchandise from the electronics department. So I set about figuring out what to get. Long story short, I settled on getting a Fitbit Blaze, along with a few other items to make up the difference.

Since then, having all this extra data about my day-to-day has been eye opening. For one, I realized that I sit on my ass WAY too much. It’s a lot harder to get in a bunch of steps without actually going for a walk or run when you work in a really small office. I’ve found myself basically pacing while waiting for my coffee or the microwave. Despite what recent headlines say about Fitbits being inaccurate, I’ve found it to be fairly spot on. I took what the device said I’d burned calorie-wise for a week (based on my heart rate) and subtracted out the food I’d logged for that week (weighed on my kitchen scale) and divided it by 3500 (the number of calories in one pound). This gave me a weight loss for the week of 0.8 lbs. When I got on the scale, it registered a loss of 0.6 lbs. That’s definitely accurate enough for my goals!

And speaking of goals, after being stalled somewhat for awhile, both getting serious about logging my food accurately by weighing it as well as having the Fitbit data to see how much I’m actually burning has really helped my efforts. I broke through my plateau and am at the lowest weight I’ve been in a really long time. Data is important!

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