Computer Upgrade

A few weeks ago, we attended PAX East. It’s a gaming convention, and we always walk away wanting to play ALL the games. Chris decided that in order to play some of the newest games, he needed a much better computer. So off to Amazon he went, and ordered the parts to build himself a whole new rig.

While he was updating his, I decided that I, too, wanted an upgrade, so I scavenged a video card from his old computer which had 2 gigs of RAM vs the 1 gig in my GPU. He ordered a new bigger monitor, so I also got his monitor which was slightly bigger than my current one, and now I had a card that would support a dual monitor setup. I also realized that my desk was super narrow, and had very little surface space, so I went ahead and bought a new one.

And of course, there was “drama”. The new GPU took two power inputs. My previous card only required one. And I only had one power cord of the right kind. I was so disappointed, but also determined to make it work. I thought perhaps I could somehow use one of the cables from Chris’ new power supply to convert one of my cables from the 4-pin across kind (MOLEX) to the 2×3 pin kind (PCI-e). That wasn’t going to work at all, but in the process I found another power cord of the kind I needed hiding within the rest of the cables, so in the end, it all worked out.

The next issue came when I powered it up and tried to use it. My mouse wouldn’t work. It was all jerky. And the lights on my keyboard were slower than normal. What was going on? After a few reboots, the keyboard was back to normal, but the mouse was not. Again, disappointment and upset-ness. And then I realized that my new desk was white, and optical mice don’t like glass or white tables. I got out a mouse pad and the problem instantly vanished. Crisis averted.

The last bit of drama is truly the firstiest of first world problems. I had named my PC ninja, because with the solid state drive and the types of fans and power supply I had built it with it ran super quietly. Alas, the new GPU is rather noisy, and my rig no longer really lives up to it’s name.

I can definitely see an improvement in load times when I access the galaxy map in Elite Dangerous, so it’s definitely worth the upgrade!


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