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Computer Upgrade

A few weeks ago, we attended PAX East. It’s a gaming convention, and we always walk away wanting to play ALL the games. Chris decided that in order to play some of the newest games, he needed a much better … Continue reading

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Fitbit Blaze

So earlier this year, I went to California for some work training. While there, I gave a demo, and won a prize for best demo. The prize was a brand new GoPro camera. While it was certainly a very nifty … Continue reading

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The little details

It really is the little things that can make a trip wonderful, or a complete burden. I recently took a trip out to Irvine, CA and thankfully, the trip was wonderful. Being¬†in southern California in the spring instead of New … Continue reading

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Here’s my little tablet saga. Many moons ago, I got myself an Asus Transformer 101 with the keyboard/extra battery. It was an awesome tablet. But after many years, it was starting to be really sluggish. Then, over a year ago, … Continue reading

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Why Data is so Important

I’ve been working on losing some weight this year. Actually, now that I think about it, I’ve been working on losing weight for a long time now. It started over at which is an awesome (and FREE!) weight-loss website. … Continue reading

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Double the Upgrades, Double the Stress

So quite a bit has happened! ¬†Upgraded two areas of my life recently: my job, and my living situation! First, the living situation. The boyfriend got an amazing job offer in Connecticut, so we moved to the East Coast! Not … Continue reading

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Smart, Kind, Strong

I don’t have kids. Don’t want any either. But I’m Godmother to one of my best friend’s 4 children, back-up Godmother to another one of her kids, I have lots of cousins (24 on my dad’s side of the family … Continue reading

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