If you like this blog, here are others you might be interested in!

  • Summit of the States – Follow along as Fallon, her mom, and sometimes her dog, Luna try and hit the highest point in all 50 states! This is a goal of mine, but she’s half my age and most of the way there already! I’m in awe!
  • Bucket List Publications – Read on as Lesley lives an adventure-filled life, and helps others live their dreams as well! I definitely need to take a few pages from her book in reaching my goals!
  • Iconicallyrare – Sonya’s blog about style and travel.
  • Brent’s iPhone 4S & Japan – Brent takes amazing pictures with the camera on his phone!
  • Where’s my backpack – Ailsa’s blog about her travels!
  • My Meandering Trail – Read as Jordana prepares to Thru-Hike the Appalachian Trail!  Definitely a dream of mine!

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