Halloween Pop Culture Education

Confession time.  I have never seen Hocus Pocus.  Nor the Addam’s Family or Addam’s Family Values.  Last year, I found Hocus Pocus on DVD for like $5, and I never even opened it.

Halloween is a few days away.  It’s time for some serious education on my part. Movie marathon time! (Also, I need to work on the blanket I’m crocheting.)

I’m going to start with Hocus Pocus, then move on to the Addam’s family movies.  Then, for nostalgia’s sake, I’m going to watch Witches. (Because one can never have too much Angelica Houston.) I have seen the last one before, but it’s been ages.

What are your favorite Halloween movies?

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Wisdom Teeth Removed

So, not sure if it counts as an upgrade, but last week I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. I was under anesthesia the whole time, so didn’t have any pain. I’ve been dealing with soreness ever since then, but not actual pain.  I look like Marlon Brando in “The Godfather”.

This is what my cheeks are like right now.

This is what my cheeks are like right now.

The stitches are annoying me. They should have dissolved by now, but they haven’t quite yet, and it’s disconcerting because I can feel them, but can’t get rid of them.  My gums are also really swollen; it feels like I have food stuck in my teeth, but it’s just swollen gums, and it’s really gross.

I can’t open my mouth very wide yet, and since my mouth is still tender, I’ve been subsisting on mostly soup and smoothies lately.  I really miss real food!

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Updates! (Stream of consciousness post on lunch and soreness)

It’s lunchtime. I’m not really hungry. Diner closes at 2 though, so I’ll need to get something before then. I really don’t want yet another salad. But I’ve already been “bad” today, using the excuse that I rode my bike into work, so I’d already burned off the calories. Can’t use that excuse twice. Maybe I can ride my bike up to Aladdin’s and get a shistawook rolled. I can at least pretend that’s healthy, and hey! More bike riding!  But I’m lazy and will likely just get that salad. Or maybe a large soup! (It’s freezing in the building today)

I rode my bike today because my legs are sore from Monday’s workout. Due to all the travel to Brasil and getting bronchitis and the BF moving to Connecticut, life has been stressful and hectic, and the result was that I’ve been to the gym all of twice in as many months. The BF has moved and things have settled down at work, so it was time to get myself back into a routine, and get serious about losing all this weight I’ve gained. (She says, after having eaten a donut).  I figured riding my bike would be “active recovery” and help get this soreness in my quads to go away.  Except that bike riding is essentially a whole bunch of one-legged squats (albeit with lots of assistance).  I didn’t really think that one through.  But it is absolutely *gorgeous* out here, so it was worth it.

Oh yeah, Brasil.  So I got to go to Brasil a bunch for work!  That was… hard.  The first trip was great – I got to see family I hadn’t seen in over 18 YEARS.  But after that? Just hard. Get up early, go to bed late, wash, rinse repeat. It was one of the VP’s pet projects, and there was a super tight deadline, so there was lots of work and lots of stress. Lots of stress. I even managed to get sick and then come down with a case of bronchitis. Fun. After that first trip I didn’t even have any time to see family any more at all either.  At that point, it was just work, with a long-ass flight thrown in at either end. At international travel can really suck when you land, and have to pretty much go straight to the customer with no time to recover from your flight.  And I wasn’t allowed to buy business class seats, so I was stuck in coach. And they don’t do upgrades up to business/first class on international flights. (My coworker has 1K status with United, which is super elite, and even *HE* couldn’t get upgraded)  Yes, first world problems, but it sucked regardless.

So here I am. Sore legs, and still trying to figure out what to do for lunch.  Part of the procrastination is that the diner is downstairs and going down stairs is my greatest nemesis right now.  I have a banana, an apple and a Lara Bar with me.  I think I’ll go for something light, and if I get hungry later, I have healthy snacks to tide me over till I get home!

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Sports and Curses

We don’t have cable, and our antenna sucks, so to watch sports, we have to go to a local bar. This past Sunday was no different, so we went off to Harry Buffalo for pizza and football! I’m convinced that whenever I watch a game, my Cleveland Browns lose (my NOT watching has no bearing on the outcome, however). This annoys the boyfriend who wants to watch games, and thus, he has decreed that I have to watch every game this season to prove me wrong or something. So off we went to watch the Browns take on the Steelers. On our way to the bar, we checked the score. Tied at 3. Ok, no biggie.

Literally the SECOND we walk into the bar and I look at a TV, the Steelers score their first touchdown. The rest of the first half just went downhill from there. Then it was halftime, and somehow we traded for a better team. We scored 24 unanswered points (I believe). Where did that come from? The score was once again tied! There might be overtime!  Cleveland hasn’t won a season opener in 10 years!  This could be the year!  And then, naturally, my hopes were smashed like a wave upon a rocky shore when, in the last 5 seconds, the Steelers managed a field goal and my curse once again came true. Why must they always insist on toying with my emotions like this?!?!?!


Five-thirty-eight has the Browns pegged to win 7.2 games this year. So if they do worse, my curse stands. If they do better, it’s all in my head. So, my dear Browns, I apologize if you have an 0-16 season, but I have taken on this challenge of watching every game this year. And as is the mantra of our town, if it goes badly, “There’s always next year.”

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Being an Adult

Some thoughts on being an adult:

Being an adult means I can buy myself candy that I see at the checkout. No begging, pleading, or cajoling for someone else to get it for me. I want it, I can afford it, I buy it.

Being an adult also means buying really disgusting-tasting tea and forcing yourself to drink it because you’re in a foreign country, you’re sick, and you’re on a deadline. No one else can do the work, and the big bosses won’t take excuses. So suck it up buttercup, and do whatever you have to do to be on your game in front of the customer tomorrow.

I’m going to go eat my candy now.

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To Ride or Not to Ride?

I always figured the above was a really stupid question.  OF COURSE you ride when given the opportunity.  And then, I was given an opportunity.

I want to ride more, and my instructor talked with me today and said I could take a second lesson and ride on Wednesday evenings.  The time is perfect for me. But the problem is that it is with a different instructor.  One I don’t really like so much.

So do I take it? On the one hand, I could always learn something new from a different instructor. But I’ve ridden under this instructor before, and I REALLY don’t like her style. She’s just so… she seems so condescending? some times. Like she forgets that some of us have been doing this riding thing for awhile, and don’t need to be talked to as if we were little kids in pony camp. It’s really grating for some reason.

I think I might try it for a session, and if it annoys me too much, I can always just drop it!

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Nutrition Challenge Results

So a bit ago, I signed up for a challenge at the gym. Everyone paid in, and the winners split the pot. Winners were determined by a combination of weight/body fat/inches lost.

I failed. Miserably. Sorta.

On the one hand, I didn’t lose any weight. But I did lose quite a bit of body fat! Inches pretty much stayed the same overall.

Weight Start Finish Difference
169.4 170.1 +0.7
Pinch Points Start  Finish Difference
Pec 15 12  -3
Subscapular 19 15  -4
Bicep 12 9  -3
Tricep 31 22  -9
Kidney 37 24  -13
Suprailiac 17 17  0
Abdominal 23 15  -8
Quadricep 34 15  -19
Medial Calf 24 24  0
Total: 212 153  -59
Measurements Start Finish  Difference
Bicep 12.3 12.5 +0.2
Waist 34.3 33.1 -1.2
Hips 43.6 43.9 +0.3
Thigh 23 23.7 +0.7
Calf 16.5 16.5 0
Body fat % 0.337898465171192 0.242857142857143
33.7% 24.2% -9.5%

But it was tough. Nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all equation. I eat pretty well. I don’t drink sodas or lots of alcohol. I eat “real” food. I don’t eat much in the way of starchy carbs or sugar. With the exception of Saturdays, which is “cheat” day. But despite that, I haven’t been seeing much in the way of change, and in fact, trying on some clothes I hadn’t worn in a while made me cringe when I couldn’t get them on.

So I went back to something that had worked for me in the past: counting calories. I know that counting calories isn’t sexy, but it seems to be the only thing that works for me. I can already see an enormous change in my face; my cheekbones are starting to emerge again. My abs are also once again becoming visible.

It’s hard. Counting calories is such a pain. Especially when you’re not eating packaged foods with a convenient label that conveniently tells you exactly how many calories are in a serving. And it seems such slow going. You see these people who switch to a Paleo diet, and they’re all “I lost 20lbs the first month!” I haven’t lost any weight. In fact, I’ve gained some. But then, my lifts have all gotten much stronger, so I’ve definitely gained some muscle. I still have a long way to go, however. It’s warming up here, and I’m realizing that I don’t fit into any of my shorts or capris!

You have to go with what works. Try a system. Give it a couple months for any results to become apparent. If there isn’t any change, try something new!

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